Custom Made Designer Leather Medicine Balls

Take your gym or fitness suite to the next level with the vintage inspired MVP designed Medicine Ball, individually hand-crafted using the finest 100% genuine cow leather.

Each medicine ball is hand-stitched with no detail spared, beautiful to look at with a sweet seductive leather aroma, your workout just got a whole lot better.

Select your leather panel combination, leather lace color & weight.

Send us a high quality logo file to if you are wanting custom logo embossing, and confirm your preferred embossing technique (natural heat embossed, color printed etc).


  • Available in 4, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 20 lb weights
  • Individually hand crafted using 100% genuine cow leather
  • Genuine leather lace
  • Custom logo too your requirements


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Custom Made Designer Leather Medicine Ball Vintage Style


Each Medicine Ball is unique with its own characteristics, some bearing the scars and scuffs of the animal.


"Form is temporary, class is permanent"
- The MVP